Celebrations and festivals

Celebrations and festivals

Ánimas and Day of the Innocents


Another remarkable Christmas tradition are the ‘ Masses of the Gozos’, which begin the 13th of December and they finish on Christmas Eve. These masses are celebrated at six in the morning. In the evening the bores leave, groups of [...]

Ascent of San Marcos


It is celebrated the third weekend of August and it consist in to take the patron, San Marcos, up, from the church to its hermitage.The most important day is on Saturday in which there is a romeria to the hermitage, [...]

August celebrations

Moraleda de Zafayona

They are celebrated the first weekend of August. Until two decades ago they were celebrated in September and they were called La Funcion, a religious ceremony and a procession dedicated to the Virgen de las Angustias, patron of the village. [...]

Big Fair


This celebration takes place from an old cattle fair. It has a fair format. During these days they build stalls, they organize popular games and they dance at the night parties.

Burial of the fox


With this tradition it finishes the day of Santa Cruz. The fox is a sort of doll made of paper or leather and it is stuffed with rockets. While the music sounds and the songs can be heard, they take [...]

Capacho Party


Arab tradition celebrated in the second Sunday of January, in which in the olden days fires were formed and they used to throw the old “capachos” (huge bags to transport the bread from Alfacar to the rest of Granada) and [...]


Alhama de Granada

Alhama, the town that the Arab king was so sad to lose, was very popular already in the Roman period. Its thermal baths and the positive effect they had on the locals also made the town famous. This characteristic happiness [...]

Cattle fair


It is celebrated the last weekend of October. It is a national contest-auction of Segureña’s sheep.


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