The landscapes of the province of Granada are wonderfully diverse. Very few geographical areas offer such a striking variety of natural scenery, landscapes and habitats in such proximity, an even fewer with such good weather conditions.

Granada’s marked and heterogeneous terrain makes it possible to drive, in just 90 minutes, from the idyllic beaches of the Costa Tropical, with an average annual temperature of 20ºC, to the towering, snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the highest on the Iberian Peninsula.

But if one prefers to travel more tranquilly, right along the ground, this microcosm of nature offers a chance to marvel at the charms of other equally suggestive scenery, forests of native Mediterranean forest, oak, pine and juniper, deciduous and riverside, steep limestone mountains traversed by steep ravines and canyons, arid bushland and open plains, fertile green meadows, and mosaics of crops alongside harsh, deserts, wetlands and sea cliffs. A genuine showcase of biodiversity that entails, among many other charms, considerable ornithological wealth.


Charca de Suárez Nature Reserve

Laguna de Padul



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