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Granada, 23rd September 2014
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Las Gabias

City Information
Poblaciones del municipio: Gabia GrandeGabia Chica
Post code: 18110
Distance from Granada:8 km
Number of inhabitants :12280 Inhabitants
Name given to the Inhabitants:Gabienses o gabirros

Tourist information

Las Gabias is in front of the bulk of Sierra Nevada, only 8 kilometres from Granada and in the limit between the Granada’s fertile plain and the dry land. The district is sprinkled by many cortijos between beautiful natural places. The Dílar River crosses the town in a north-south direction giving way to important areas of irrigated land and, the Arroyo Salado, in the western part allows the development of the olive grove.

Las Gabias has an 18 holes golf course surrounded by a beautiful landscape with Sierra Nevada at the back. Another sports complex in the town is the High Performance Centre of Olympic Shot


Its history goes back to thousand years back, as the archaeological deposits found in the Cuesta de los Chinos confirm, promontory in the area of contact between the Fertile plain and the dry land.

With the Roman domination, the population is transferred to a near area, where we found the important settlement of which the ruins of an oil mill and several houses have been discovered, but the most interesting thing of this period is the Roman Baptistery, of the III century b.C. Declared National Monument in 1931, is the only one conserved in Spain. It is made up by a corridor with a covered underground room with a vault that arises to the surface. In the days of al-Andalus, it got to have 1,500 inhabitants and an important fortress elevated in the centre of the population.

Centuries later, during the rebellion of the Moorish, Hurtado de Mendoza commanded to make a census and affirm that there were 1,418 people between Las Gabias and other places of the fertile plain. It seems like its name comes from Hisn Caviar that means military tower. About the construction of this tower there are two versions: that it belongs to the time of the Caliphate and that is one of the five watching towers raised by Muhammad III. What it is clear is that during the pressure of the Christian troops before the conquest it was a great protagonist, since served simultaneously to watch the Fertile plain and as a quartering of troops. In 1490 it was taken by the Christians under the control of the Great Captain, that same year, Fernando, the Catholic King, ordered to demolish the tower, thing that was not done.

The modern history of Las Gabias begins with the Christian conquest and the repopulation carried out by Felipe II, arriving settlers from different points of the Peninsula. Until the XIX century it was owned by the counts of Gabia, and in this century it was one of the most prosperous and important towns of the province, with the textile industry and the cultivation of linen, hemp and beet growing. The definitive formation of the town of Las Gabias takes place in 1973 with the fusion between the old town of Gabia Grande and Gabia Chica.


A typical and simple recipe is the scrambled eggs with spinach. The vegetables of their recipe book can be tasted as well in pure of onions, in beans with cod, the chick-peas stew and the cabbage stew. The partridges and the rabbit are the common meats of their more traditional dishes, among the ones is the pot of San Antón. And for dessert, the pastry making of Las Gabias offers to the visitor the fried milk and the torticas.

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