Patrimonio Flamenco Invierno – Primavera


Performances of flamenco that are developed throughout the year,  every Saturday, in the International Centre of Gypsy Studies “the Chumbera”, in the Sacromonte neighbourhood and with magnificent views of the Alhambra. Place of celebration: The Chumbera Dates: Saturdays throughout the [...]

Encuentros Flamencos ‘Festival de Otoño de Granada’


Concerts and flamenco sessions of multitude of artists, many of them from Granada, who during several days meet in the Isabel the Catholic theatre. At the same time, flamenco nights are celebrated  in diverse clubs of the city. Date: December: [...]

Flamenco festival of Ogíjares


One of the oldest and most prestigious flamenco festivals of the province. Flamenco cante, touch and dances with young promises and consecrated artists. Ogíjares has one of the most representative cante jondo festivals in Granada province. It was created in 1979. It [...]


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