Sun and beach

Beaches on the Costa Tropical


La Playiya Beach


This is a secluded beach on the N-340, 250 metres long and 25 metres wide. There a never very many visitors here. The beach is made up of sand and gravel. There are no facilities or services offered here.

La Rábita Beach


This is a stony beach near the village of La Rábita. It offers a good number of facilities and services, as well as being a peaceful retreat for bathers and walkers. It is about 700 metres long and 30 metres [...]

La Rijana Beach

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

This small, quiet and secluded cove is flanked to one side by its evocative watchtower and a large rock that juts into the sea. It is 250 metres long and about 20 metres wide. It runs parallel to the N-340, [...]

Las Cañas Beach


This secluded beach is next to the Playa de Melicena and is fairly popular with visitors. It is 600 metres long and 20 metres wide. It has a mixture of sand and gravel.

Los Berengueles or Bahía del Vapor Beach


This is a small beach right next to the Marina del Este. It is a very popular beach, with most of its visitors coming from the nearby developments. It is about 250 metres long and is made up of gravel [...]

Los Yesos Beach


This small strip of sand is about 60 metres long and 10 metres wide. It runs parallel to the N-340 leading up to the small town of Los Yesos. It is usually quite empty.

Melicena Beach


This is a quiet sandy/gravelly beach in the village of Melicena offering a small number of services. The beach is 500 metres long and 40 metres wide.

Nudist beach of Negratín

Cuevas del Campo

This is Andalucia’s third largest reservoir as regards capacity. It is surrounded by a sub-desert and almost lunar landscape which gives the place a strange beauty, and its romantic sunsets are particularly attractive. A beach has been made on one [...]

Poniente or El Pelaillo Beach


This is one of the busiest beaches in Motril. Along its seaside promenade there are a number of relatively tall buildings. It is quite a large beach, over 2 kilometres long and 80 metres wide, and offers a number of [...]

Pozuelo Beach


This is a small beach in a built-up area, very popular with visitors. It is next to the Playa del Tesorillo. It is 250 metres long and is a mixture of sand and gravel. This beach has a snack bar [...]

Puerta del Mar or Fuentepiedra Beach


This large beach located in the town of Almuñécar has a number of good facilities on offer, including access for the disabled. It is 1150 metres long and 50 metres wide. It is usually very popular with visitors. The sand [...]

Punta del Río Beach


This beach in Salobreña is also known as La Cagadilla. It is a long, narrow strip of sand and gravel that runs parallel to an area used for agriculture continuing all the way down to Motril. It is 1200 metres [...]

San Cristóbal or La China Beach


This very popular beach is 1 kilometre long and 50 metres wide and offers a wide range of services, including access for the disabled. It is located in an urbanised area with a number of high-rise buildings and a seaside [...]

Sotillo-Castell de Ferro Beach

Gualchos-Castell de Ferro

Wide beach with artificial defenses. There is a promenade and services. Its length is 1,300 meters and has a width of 40 meters. It consists of sand and gravel.

Torrenueva Beach


This is a very popular beach with good services and a seaside promenade. It has the Blue Flag certification status. Tall buildings are dotted along the beach front. The beach is 2300 metres long (although divided by several jetties), and [...]