Actvities with children

Almazara Quaryat Dillar olive oil producer


The Sierra Nevada National Park is a unique and privileged area in which our olives grow. This, together with the care and attention we invest in the production process, ensures that we can offer a truly unique product.

Aquarium of Almuñécar


The Acuario de Almuñécar is made up of 20 aquariums that are home to about 3500 different animals belonging to 200 different species. It is divided into two levels and shows the sea and its creatures from two perspectives. The [...]

Archaeological site-Cerro de la Encina


This Agaric site is located in the area of Las Huertas, where there was an important settlement consisting of a village and a fortress. Studies by the University of Granada have shown that this is one of the most important [...]

Castril river canyon

This walking route is short, easy and spectacular. It is a walk that the whole family can enjoy. The path mainly runs along a wooden footbridge over the Río Castril, a suspension bridge and a tunnel. You will pass though [...]

Consorcio Parque de las Ciencias


The Parque de las Ciencias is an interactive museum, the first one of its kind in southern Spain. It is a benchmark for the promotion of science in Europe.

Cueva de Las Ventanas Natural Monument


This is the only cave in the province of Granada that is open to the public and the main attraction in Píñar. It has access for the disabled.

Dolphins watching

Here you can observe whales, dolphins and other water mammals (cetaceans) in the wild. Cetaceans are more commonly observed for recreational purposes (similar to bird watching) but the activity can also be for scientific or educational reasons. In the Costa [...]


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