100 things to see and do in Granada

Aquarium of Almuñécar


The Acuario de Almuñécar is made up of 18 aquariums that are home to about 3500 different animals belonging to 200 different species. It is divided into two levels and shows the sea and its creatures from two perspectives. The [...]

Arab Architecture Interpretive Centre


The education centre is located inside the restored Moorish Alcazaba (citadel) and takes up some rooms of a Moorish mansion, also known as the ‘Casa Grande’, which has been refurbished. It brings the area’s Arab heritage back to life with [...]

Arab baths of Baza


These baths date back to the 13th century (Almohad period). They are laid out in three main halls and are an excellent example of urban baths connected to a mosque, now the Iglesia de Santiago church. These baths were situated [...]

Archaeological site-Cerro de la Encina


This Agaric site is located in the area of Las Huertas, where there was an important settlement consisting of a village and a fortress. Studies by the University of Granada have shown that this is one of the most important [...]

Barranco de Poqueira route

In the very heart of the Alpujarra, in the Poqueira Gorge, the itinerary through Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira provides the traveller with some amazing scenery.

Canyoning in Río Verde

Río Verde is the best place to go canyoning in the province of Granada. Here you will enjoy the river’s crystal clear, emerald green and steadily flowing waters in a beautifully sunny area. The river runs through the NaturalPark of [...]



Behind high, whitewashed walls draped with tendrils of ivy, there lies a private, hidden world of Andalusian charm. Behind these walls there are beautiful gardens and orchards called the Cármenes of the Albaicín and Realejo districts, tiny farmsteads brimming with [...]


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