Romeria of San Marcos

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In addition to the ones of the Alpujarras, many towns of Granada celebrate in one way or another the celebration of San Marcos. The historical and monumental town of Montefrío, located in the heart of the Montes Occidentales is among them. In the place known as the Peña de los Gitanos, where valuable prehistoric dolmens and Roman and medieval sites still remain, the saint has a hermitage dedicated. Until this authentic jewel of the provincial architecture the montefrieños go in romería each 25th of April. There, they celebrate the day of San Marcos taking it out in a parade. The villagers spend the day eating in the field the typical roscos and the traditional remojon. A cold stew cooked with boiled potatoes, tomato, onion, peppers, boiled egg and tuna. The butter buns and the cuajada are also worthy among the desserts.


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Montefrío
Postcode: 18270


Tel: 958336136


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