Padre Suárez Museum of Science

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The Museo de Ciencias del Instituto Padre Suárez houses over 3500 minerals, animals, fossils and models, all of which were used as teaching aids in the 19th century.

It is the oldest centre for secondary education in Andalucía and the third institution of its kind created in Spain. It opened in 1845 and contains the most varied and valuable selection of artefacts of all the institutes of the area.

The museum is made up of three rooms in which fossils, stuffed animals and plants, and minerals are all on display. The rich variety of the exhibits, together with their rarity, makes this a particularly fascinating museum.

Here fossils from all sections of the Paris Basin are exhibited, as well as stuffed animals from all five continents, many of which are now extinct.

The most spectacular collection is that of the 32 human, animal and plant anatomical models. They were created in the 19th century by Louis Auzoux using only papier-mâché, glue and metal hooks. These models, made by the Professor of Anatomy of the University of Paris, are today considered works of art and are listed as such.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Gran Vía, 61
Postcode: 18001


Tel: 958 276889

Opening times:

You must book an appointment in advance in order to visit the museum.
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