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Cueva del Agua

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This cave is of great archaeological and ecological interest. It is located in the Pico del Asno in the Sierra Arana, at an altitude of 1750 metres. The entrance opens up to one of the most important cavities of the province, which has an impressive depth of 180 metres and is a space of more than 3000 metres.

The cave has spectacular formations, predominantly stalagmites (such as the Sima de los Dientes de Dragón and the Cámara de los Endriagos) and large stalagmite mantles covered in beautiful crystallised formations (such as the Sala de la Música and the Sima del Plus Ultra). There are also impressively pristine lagoons, such as the Laguna del Glaciar and the Lago Verde.

You can request guided group tours by contacting the Granada’s Provincial Culture Office on +34 958 24 75 00.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Iznalloz
Postcode: 18550


Tel: 958 24 75 00


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