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Dolmens of La Peña de los Gitanos

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The site of the Peña de los Gitanos is about 5 kilometres away from Íllora. It is a large area made up of green terraces and limestone rocks, where over a hundred megalithic tombs and settlements have been excavated – an extraordinary Neolithic archaeological site.

In the lower terraces for a stretch of about 6 kilometres, about a hundred graves are dotted around. There appear to be three parts to the cemeteries: the Castellón, the Camarilla, and Rodeo.

Some of the dolmens are eight metres long. They have a small chamber, but unfortunately the mounds do not exist anymore. In some of them, small, carved fragments have been found, depicting deer and other images.

Here there are also some caves that were used as houses. Of particular interest is the Cueva Alta and the Cueva de las Tontas, in which some cave paintings were found.


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