Granada is a safe region, but just as in any other place, you must guard against pickpocketing. The police make the following list of general recommendations for tourists.

In the place where you are staying:

- Do not leave money or objects of value in sight, instead use a safety deposit box.

- When in public areas, watch your luggage and personal belongings.

In public places:

- Do not lose sight of your belongings.

- Keep your wallet or purse safe in crowded areas.

- Only take what is strictly necessary when going to the beach or swimming pool.

- Keep your camera or video camera safe at all times.

- Avoid street gambling games as they are rigged.

·Do not trust any suspicious offers or requests for help (someone tells you that you have a stain on your clothes, or they have a broken-down vehicle, etc.).

- Avoid all too easy business deals. They are most probably a swindle.

- If you are using a car, do not leave any objects of value in sight.

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